At Altech Autopage, we understand that keeping up with technology isn’t always easy and that’s why we’d like to remind you that you can renew (upgrade) your existing contract when it expires. When you upgrade your contract, you will be able to choose from our latest specials and we will also be delighted to re-evaluate your cellular solution in order to meet your unique communication needs.
Simply connect with us by contacting our Retentions Department on 0861 23 24 24 or by visiting your nearest Altech Autopage outlet.
Alternatively, to see if you are due for upgrade or to upgrade online, register or log in to MyAccount here.
Before you go, don’t forget to take a look at our latest promotions by clicking here.
Should you have cellular insurance with us, remember to update your insurance information when you upgrade.
Download Service Provider Price Lists Below
Cell C Data Reduced & Loaded Subs November 2015461.37 KB
Cell C Data Standard Price list November 2015447.45 KB
Cell C EPIC Reduced & Loaded Subs November 2015468.22 KB
Cell C EPIC Standard Price list November 2015455.48 KB
Cell C Smart Chat Reduced & Loaded Subs November 2015439.36 KB
Cell C Smart Chat Standard Price list November 2015428.56 KB
Cell C Talk Reduced & Loaded Subs November 2015450.6 KB
Cell C Talk Standard Price list November 2015443.88 KB