South Africa's three cellular Networks all have very similar pricing structures, so it may seem that the difference between Networks is minimal. Remember, though, that you should choose the same Network as your friends, family and colleagues, as Cell C, MTN and Vodacom all charge less for calls made to the same Network.

When a Package offers free minutes, don't be mistaken into thinking that this includes all calls. In many cases, 'inclusive minutes' only applies to certain calls made at certain times of day. International calls and service calls are usually charged for.

Always take a close look at your itemised bill. This will highlight where most of your call charges are coming from. If it seems that you're spending a lot on certain calls, run our Tariff optimiser to see if it's worth changing tariffs. Also, it's a good idea to ensure that your Keypad is locked at all times. This will avoid accidental calls being made, which can run up your bill very quickly.

There are hundreds of contracts and Tariff options on offer, so make sure that your choice matches your lifestyle. If you're making the majority of your calls during the day, choose a Package that offers low daytime charges. Alternatively, if you use your cellular telephone as a social tool in the evenings or on weekends, your Package should offer low off-peak rates. If you're unsure whether you're on the right Package, use Altech Supercall Cellular's Tariff optimiser, which will analyse your usage for the last three months and advise you accordingly.