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At Altech Autopage Cellular our business is making your business work better. As the premier supplier of voice, data and internet services and products to consumers, corporates, enterprises and small businesses, we’re well positioned to live up to that promise.

There are many advantages to partnering with us. We are one of the top telecommunications companies in SA and one of the leaders in convergence technology. Our packages are consumer based and focused on tailoring solutions for individual needs. As a a multi-network, independent service provider, our advice is completely unbiased. Finally, as your communication partner we provide a combination of Voice, Internet services, Managed Services, Data Centre Hosting & Physical Links provision, tailored to become a strategic and vital component of your company’s success.

Specialised Service A dedicated and fully integrated team of highly trained consultants, relationship managers and certified technical experts bring an in-depth understanding of our corporate clients’ needs. We provide them with a detailed assessment of all our clients' specific requirements - down to the last individual user.

Personalised Offerings Based on this assessment, our team will then design and develop a cost-effective solution that is customised to meet the client's operational needs and productivity objectives.

Measurable Returns Fast and effective implementation of the solution is backed by on-going after-sales service of the highest standard, which naturally includes the provision of a comprehensive and flexible range of Service Level Agreements.

Management Tools The team is capable of delivering services that include the streamlining of cellular communications administration. Encompassing, but not limited to, consolidated billing, call management, online billing, cover for both handsets and SIM cards in the event of damage, loss or theft, plus a full suite of Internet-based services.

Expertise Don’t let the complexities of rapid technological developments confuse you. Our team is armed with the know how and passion to provide independent, objective and expert advice on how to make mobile communications technologies work for you.

Manage your account online

Run your account from anywhere in the world, 24/7. As an administrator of a company, My.Account Biz, allows you to have a global view of all lines linked to your business account anytime, from anywhere in the world. You can even filter down to more detail of each individual line, monitor and analyse call usage and compare costs with our reporting functionality.

With features that give you the power, your account is in safe hands, yours.

  • Download your latest itemised bill for each line.
  • Download past invoices.
  • Call analysis done on each line.
  • Call cost comparisons.
  • Per second comparisons.
  • Analyse whether you are on the right tariff.
  • Analyse whether you could benefit from including additional services such as a bundled SMS package.
  • Report on your personal calls through the touch of a button.
  • Update your details online and keep your account up-to-date.
  • Access to My.Addressbook, where you can link a name to a number, and flag this as a Business or Personal call.

Features may vary between My.Account PRO and My.Account Biz. Please contact Altech Autopage Cellular Business Sales for more information


No one likes receiving bills, but at least we make ours quick, easy and convenient. You can choose to get your monthly cellular account sent to your dedicated email address in PDF or CSV formats.

Both hard and soft copies will be delivered and e-mailed or can be downloaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) by the 25th of every month.

FTP access

Increase efficiency and reduce administration with our free Value Added Service that enables secure electronic extraction of your monthly invoices. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to send your Account information over an Internet Protocol computer network.

My Alert

Each user will receive this service at no cost as per the corporate deal, saving a standard administration charge of R5.

  • Subscriber receives an SMS @ 50% of the set limit
  • Subscriber receives an SMS @ 100% of the set limit
  • Subscriber account NOT soft barred
  • Free of charge

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server

Love your BlackBerry®? You’ll love it even more when you see what it can do for your business. As a Corporate customer, you can set up BlackBerry® smartphones to integrate with your enterprise systems using the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES).

It provides enterprise users and IT departments with a wide range of unique features and benefits, including:

  • Secure push-based access to corporate email.
  • Wider corporate data.
  • Wireless synchronisation.
  • End-to-end Triple DES or AES security.
  • Centralised IT management and control.

BlackBerry® Professional Software enables small and medium businesses to enhance communication and collaboration with enterprise grade mobility solutions allowing user-friendly, wireless access to email, organiser, internet and intranet applications with advanced security.

Protect your handset and SIM card

Your mobile phone is a valuable asset, but it is exposed to risks every day. So Altech Autopage Cellular has developed a range of insurance policies specifically for you.
You can insure your cellular telephone for less than the average premium:

  • Handset insurance protects against loss, damage, and theft, for as little as R35.00 a month.
  • You can choose from a suite of insurance policies that cover your handset for as much as R15 000 and protect you against fraudulent and unauthorised use between R1 000 to R2 000 depending on your insurance package.
  • Mechanical problems and water damage do occur, so we’ve built in coverage for these to.

Your insurance policy also includes valuable cover against retrenchment and death. For example, if you are retrenched by a company and you have had your insurance with Altech Autopage Cellular for 3 months, the insurance will settle your Altech Autopage Cellular subscription fees up to R3 600, depending on your insurance package.

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